About the Project

What to Expect

The site gives insights and discusses 5 trending themes in the Danish Healthcare Sector 2025 and unfolds advice for future research and development activities based on the expected needs of the Danish Healthcare Sector in 2025. The advice will centre on the opportunities and barriers for SMEs developing technologies and services contributing to shorter and fewer hospital admissions, as well as the related research activities.

About the Reports

The 5 Trending Themes have been identified on the basis of reports[1] about Future Trends in the Health Care Sector and prioritised by the Patient@home Executive Board due to:

  • Strategic relevance
  • Expected value generation for citizens, healthcare employees, the health sector and society as a whole
  • Expected market potential for SMEs
  • Potential for realised effect within the 2025 perspective

The 5 prioritised themes are:

  • Integrated Healthcare Services
  • Health Consumerism
  • Data Analytics
  • Smart Health Technologies
  • Prehabilitation

Each report investigates the content, purpose, status, challenges, values, opportunities and barriers of the theme. The insights are primarily based on and qualified by expert interviews with relevant national and international stakeholders.

The contents of the reports are presented through this interactive site and short videos in which the theme is described by a combination of relevant experts.

About Patient@home

These 5 reports, in the form of a site with videos, constitute one of the final deliverables of the research and innovation project Patient@home. The reports are developed by the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, in collaboration with the Patient@home Executive Board.

The Patient@home project, which has been active from March 2012 until February 2018, has focused on research and development of 40 technologies and services contributing to shorter and fewer hospital admissions. Particularly solutions that support better and faster rehabilitation, more outpatient treatment and admission of patients in their own home. The project has particularly aided SMEs in their development process with a special focus on ensuring relevance and effect through a strong collaboration between healthcare personnel, patients, private companies, research institutions etc.

[1] Danish Health 2030 (IFF), PATH trendrapport, RSD innovationstrategy, RSD Growth strategy, Sundhed i Skyen etc.

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